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An island inhabited all year round

Isola Pescatori, also known as Isola Superiore, is an island in Verbano that is permanently inhabited all year round. The small village on the island has ancient origins. In fact, we now know that this small strip of land was inhabited by small communities of local fishermen as far back as 700 years ago. During the post-war period, however, it became a popular destination for national and international tourists.

The lanes

As well as being an inhabited island, Isola Superiore is also the smallest and the only one not owned by the Borromeo family. Its characteristic village offers a series of views and lanes leading to the central square. Wandering down the alleys , you reach the northern tip of the island where a wonderful lakeside promenade offers a romantic and enchanting view.

Characteristic are the multi-storey houses built to make the best use of very limited space. The long balconies are a must for the inhabitants as it is where they hang their fish to dry. Fishing is still widely practised today.

Fishermen’s island has an unmistakable skyline it is punctuated by the pointed spire of the Church of San Vittore, which rises above the red roofs of the houses . It is the main building on the island and was built in the 11th century. Rich in 16th century frescoes, it is a favourite destination for young couples to get married.


Small characteristic events are organised throughout the year to mark festivities.

For example, on the Epiphany Eve, children run through the streets of the island dragging cans and old pots and pans, basically anything which will make a noise. The reason? To wake up the ‘good witch ‘, la befana.

At Carnival, on the other hand, a long table is set up along the lake shore where all the inhabitants gather to spend time together and enjoy polenta accompanied by a glass of wine.

The main event of the year, however, is the ‘Ferragosto’ on the 15th of August. In the evening there is the traditional procession of illuminated fishing boats and the statue of Our Lady of Assumption is carried by boat around the island.

Isola dei Pescatori is the ideal place to rediscover the ancient values of tradition.

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