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The island of a thousand colours

Its garden, one of the most beautiful in the world, is a triumph of flowers and rare plants. In spring, the parterre of azaleas makes the Giardino D’Amore a true spectacle for the eyes. Camellias, rose espaliers, oleanders, citrus trees and paniculate hydrangeas complete this wonderful picture. It took almost 400 years of work by engineers, plasterers, architects, painters and cabinetmakers to create the beauty both in and outside the palace that can now be seen today.

Not to be missed:

You will never tire of Isola Bella. Before strolling through the marvellous gardens, admiring the colourful azaleas and savouring the scents of this corner of paradise, the tour starts at the Palazzo Borromeo, where you will discover the history of the Borromeo family in 20 rooms. The building, the highest expression of Baroque culture, features unique rooms such as the Sala delle Regine, the Sala del Trono, the Salone degli Arazzi and the Grotte.


However, the beating heart of the island is the Berthier Gallery, an impressive 130 square metre mosaic depicting great ancient masterpieces by artists such as Raphael and Titian.

The Vitaliano VI exhibition

The exhibition ‘Vitaliano VI. L’invenzione dell’Isola Bella’ tells the story of the life of the creator of the famous vessel that still floats on the waters of the lake. Set up in the Palazzo Borromeo, the exhibition enhances the Baroque style typical of the island, with a wide selection of portraits, medals and memorabilia belonging to Vitaliano VI.

Amongst the highlights of the exhibition are the marble bust of the Borromeo created by Carlo Simonetta, the historic plans for the gardens and the cabinet-making works in the palace strongly desired by Vitaliano.

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“However fantastic and wonderful Isola Bella may be and is, it is nevertheless beautiful.” – Charles Dickens

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